Caledonia Station Preliminary Design (text summary)


Station design philosophy

The Crosstown's station design team have spent time in careful planning. Guiding principles that have fed into the preliminary design for Chaplin Station include:

  • Integrated station artworkIntegration with surrounding neighbourhood: respecting the scale, size, look and feel of buildings
  • Safe and enjoyable user experience: easy transfers, Designated Waiting Areas, integrated artwork and lots of lighting
  • Full accessibility for users with all levels of mobility including elevators, escalators, and low-floor access
  • Preserve space for future re-development
  • Enhance the local “sense of place”
  • Long-term sustainability 
  • Reduce construction footprint & impacts through consolidated footprints
  • Reduce costs

Caledonia Station 

Preliminary design by: ARUP, NORR, DTAH.

Below is an aerial view of the Caledonia Road and Eglinton Avenue West.

Aerial view of Caledonia and Eglinton

The preliminary design concept (below) shows where the station infrastructure and entrances may be located for Caledonia Station.

Preliminary design concept for Caledonia Station

 Existing Condition:

Preliminary design concept for Caledonia Station

Primary station entrance for Caledonia Station

The primary entry for Caledonia Station will be from a new bridge over the GO Rail corridor.  Entrances will be provided at two points – from the west and east side of the future bridge. At the northwest corner of Croham Road and Eglinton Avenue, a new bus loop will provide convenient passenger connections from the 47 Lansdowne Bus and a future GO Transit connection.

Proposed primary entrance for Caledonia Station

Proposed primary entrance for Caledonia Station

Secondary entrance for Caledonia Station

The secondary entrance will be located on the northeast corner of Westside Mall and Eglinton Avenue West. There is an opportunity for landscaping, seating and bike parking at this entrance.

Proposed secondary entrance for Caledonia Station

Preliminary representation of Caledonia Station

Below is a preliminary representation of the entrances and station, subject to change throughout the next phases of the design process. Passengers will travel below ground to the concourse level where they will pay their fare and then proceed down  to board their train.

Preliminary representation of entrances and station

At this early design stage, construction staging is not yet developed. Individual construction plans for each station will be developed with local consultation, well before construction. As part of the tunnelling process, construction of walls for the future station box is tentatively scheduled to begin at Caledonia and Eglinton in fall 2012 with exact timing to be determined. Construction of Caledonia Station itself is tentatively scheduled to begin in 2014 (TBD).