Text Summary: Mount Dennis Mobility Hub Study


The Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown is $5.3 billion (2010$) project funded by the Province of Ontario. The line will be 19 kilometres east-west of Light Rail Tranist (LRT) from Kennedy to Mount Dennis, including 10 kilometres of underground tunnel. The line will have up to 26 stations and have new transit connections to Yonge Subway, University-Spadina Subway, Scarborough RT and GO Stouffville.

The project schedule is delivered using Public Private Partnership and Alternative Financing & Procurement (AFP) process. The image below reflects initiation of major construction activities:

Image reflects initiation of major construction activities

The image below reflects the timeline for the Mount Dennis area:

Image reflects the timeline for the Mount Dennis area

Mount Dennis Mobility Hub

What is a Mobility Hub?

Mobility hubs are major transit station areas within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) that are particularly significant given the level of transit service planned for them and the development potential around them. There are 51 mobility hubs identified in The Big Move.

The image below illustrates the key elements of the new public tranist:

Image illustrates the key elements of the new public tranist

The Mobility Hub Study focuses on five areas:

1. Kodak Lands
2. Eglinton Corridor
3. Weston Road
4. Eglinton Ave and Black Creek Dr Triangle
5. Black Creek Business Area

Mobility Hub Study focus areas

Kodak Lands

What it is today? What are the opportunities?
  • Vacant
  • Isolated from Mount Dennis by the rail corridor
  • Contaminated from former industrial uses
  • Separated from Eglinton by significant grade changes
  • Site of Kodak Building No. 9
  • Re-purposing the Kodak Building as the station
    connecting from the station down to Eglinton Avenue
  • Setting back the retaining wall and creating a new green wall and more generous sidewalk
  • Incorporating artwork to enliven the street
  • A more animated structure that celebrates the activity of the station
  • Creating a light and airy LRT overpass
  • Designing the overpass as an interesting feature with opportunities for public art
  • Extending the parks west of Black Creek
  • Preserving for a new complete street to Industry Street and Black Creek drive or possibly a pedestrian and cycling only connection

Eglinton Corridor

What it is today? What are the opportunities?
  • Fast moving street
  • Lacking sidewalks in locations
  • No cycling facilities
  • Busy street
  • Major intersections are unfriendly to pedestrians
  • Narrow sidewalks
  • Poor pedestrian environment
  • No active (retail or residential) uses
  • Limited streetscaping and no street trees between Weston Road and Black Creek
  • Six lanes of car traffic
  • Large intersection with long crossing distances
  • Extension of Keelesdale park’s green edge
  • New community centre
  • Enhancing pedestrian crossings
  • Creating a 4-lane street to provide a more generous pedestrian environment
  • Extending the Eglinton multi-use path east of Weston Road to link the Humber River Trail with the Community Centre and Beyond
  • Adding new street trees, furniture and pedestrian lighting
  • Extending the park-like setting

Weston Road

What it is today? What are the opportunities?
  • Smaller sites and a fine grain of low-rise buildings
  • Narrow sidewalks
  • Inconsistent streetscaping
  • On-street parking
  • Vacant storefronts
  • Storefronts being converted into new residential
  • New station entrance
  • Developing a new station plaza at Eglinton and Weston Road
  • Landscaping the plaza to add some green relief to Weston Road and extend the park like setting along Eglinton
  • Locating smaller retail and community uses adjacent to the station plaza
  • Filling vacant stores and refreshing the retail presence
  • Encouraging a range of redevelopment opportunities
  • Preserving for active uses at street level

Eglinton Avenue and Black Creek Drive Triangle

What it is today? What are the opportunities?
  • Existing grocery store
  • Large areas of surface parking
  • Photography Drive is the only road connection to the station
  • High profile site
  • The only big site suitable for large-scale development
  • City owned parcel
  • Large unfriendly pedestrian crossing
  • Faces the new community centre
  • Providing a greater mix of uses integrated vertically
  • Relating to the new York Community Centre
  • Orienting buildings to face the park and community centre

Black Creek Business Area

What it is today? What are the opportunities?
  • Industrial area in transition to service retail
  • Few employee services (restaurants, etc.)
  • Predominantly car-oriented
  • Few/insufficient sidewalks
  • Poor waiting areas for transit users
  • Poor connections to the surrounding neighbourhood make it feel isolated from its surroundings
  • Locating new buildings and uses along the street edge
  • Supporting employees with a greater mix of uses

The image below illustrates the big picture for the Mobility Hub Study:

Image illustrates the big picture for the Mobility Hub Study