Life Saving Measures – The Davit Arm


Safety is an integral part to the work currently being done for the Eglinton Crosstown, both for the public and construction crews on site. In the event of a worker injury on a Crosstown site, it’s important that teams respond effectively. Eliminating risk and providing sites with the tools needed for first response care is an essential step. On complex construction sites with varying depths, tools are needed to extract an injured person while preventing further injury.

Enter the Davit Arm.

The Davit Arm is essentially a crane, but for people. It’s specially designed to raise and lower a person and is often employed in industries where workers need to access deep and confined spaces, like a mine shaft.

The Davit Arm is not a particularly complex piece of technology, but it’s an important one at sites with deep excavation work. In the unfortunate event of an injury within the excavated pit, the injured person is immobilized on a stretcher. A modified Davit Arm can then be used to raise them out of the pit while maintaining immobilization.

Tools like the Davit Arm take training and preparation. Earlier this month, the constructor for the Eglinton Crosstown project, Crosslinx Transit Solutions (CTS), undertook a Davit Arm test and mock rescue at the future Keelesdale station site, in partnership with Toronto Fire. Under the guidance of rescue workers, they successfully extracted a mannequin from the excavated pit in under seven minutes. Toronto Fire was impressed with both the speed of the mannequin extraction and the professional nature of the Crosslinx team, who required very little input from rescue workers to successfully complete the test.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the Keelesdale team for pioneering the first – of what will surely be many – mock rescue drills with the Toronto Fire across our project,” said Lynne St-Onge, Health and Safety Manager for the Crosstown’s Western Works. “We value worker safety so by engaging them in this ‘hands-on’ rescue training, we strengthen our overall safety culture on site while helping to build new relationships with the community fire departments.”

Tools like the Davit Arm help put worker safety first and without it, workers face increased risk of aggravation to potential spinal injuries and other injuries as they’re extracted via traditional, less stable means.