Shop Local – "Experience Eglinton"


Eglinton is one of the most diverse streets in Toronto. Intersecting over a dozen neighbourhoods, its hundreds of local shops and big-name retailers sell nearly every good and service imaginable. As you travel Eglinton Avenue, the streetscape changes to match the character of each vibrant neighbourhood. 

And today, Eglinton is changing more than ever before. With the construction of the Eglinton LRT, we’re bringing 19 kilometres of rapid transit to one of the busiest and liveliest arteries in Toronto. Through the construction process, Eglinton’s local businesses are open and ready to serve you. 

Experience Eglinton tote bags

Experience Eglinton Canvas Totes

 The logo speaks to the character of Eglinton. The seven shapes represent the seven different Eglinton Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) that support local businesses. Meanwhile, the black circle represents the tunnels of the Crosstown, running down the centre. The clean, geometric design presents Eglinton as a vibrant destination.


Throughout construction of the LRT, we want to remind everyone that your favorite local shops are still open and accessible. Taglines such as “Ground Breaking Below, Shop Therapy Above” proclaim that  although we’re building across the corridor, store owners and BIAs are working harder than ever  to make your shopping experience on Eglinton rewarding.

You can see the Experience Eglinton campaign popping up across the corridor, from Weston to Kennedy.