Plus de transit pour Toronto


Le Government of Ontario is moving forward on its commitment to deliver the largest light rail transit (LRT) expansion in the history of Toronto.

Commuters walking down a busy streetIt features a network of 52 km of light rail transit – running underground and on the street. This new transit will connect Toronto with comfort, convenience, reliability and speed. It will keep our economy strong, ease congestion, and provide an easy connection to subways, buses and GO Transit.

The Eglinton Crosstown is the cornerstone of this project. It will link to 54 local bus routes, three TTC interchange subway stations and GO Transit. It will create thousands of construction jobs and provide lasting economic benefits to Toronto and its surrounding region.

For employers, public transit is how their workforce commutes. For thousands of students, it’s how they get to class. For seniors, it’s how they get to their medical appointments and maintain independence in their senior years. For people, The Crosstown project, once complete, will cut transit time in half along this important mid-town corridor.

Four New Lines = 52 Kilometres of New Transit

The Crosstown is part of a comprehensive light rail transit plan for Toronto. It will connect the whole city and high density neighbourhoods that need it most. The Government of Ontario has committed $8.4 billion in support of four LRT lines based on recommendations from Metrolinx:

  • The Eglinton Crosstown LRT from Black Creek to Kennedy Station will be complete by 2020
  • The Scarborough RT replacement and extension to Sheppard Avenue will be complete by 2020
  • The Finch West LRT from the York-Spadina Subway to Humber College will be complete by 2020
  • The Sheppard East LRT from Don Mills station east to Morningside Avenue will be complete by 2021

The map below reflects Metrolinx’s transit plan as approved by the Government of Ontario.

Toronto Transit Projects map