INSTALLATION OF TPSS 10: Eglinton Avenue East at Victoria Park Avenue

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décembre 3, 2019


Eglinton Avenue East at Victoria Park Avenue


What Work is Taking Place?

In early 2020, Traction Power Substation (TPSS) 10 will be delivered and installed on the northwest corner of Victoria Park and Eglinton. Traction power substations will power the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (ECLRT). Excavation, duct bank installation, formwork, rebar installation and concrete pours will be completed in 2019 prior to the building delivery. 

Hours of Work

  • Delivery and installation of TPSS 10 will occur early 2020, with the date to be confirmed by a future notice.

What to Expect  

  • The building will be delivered in several parts and installed on the site near the northwest corner of the intersection.
  • Temporary lane closures and pedestrian detours will be required to safely transport and install the structure. A separate notice will be provided with additional details prior to the delivery.

What is a traction power substation?

  • A TPSS is a steel building similar in size to a shipping container.  
  • It provides electrical power to the LRT via the overheard catenary system used to power the trains. 
  • A TPSS converts electricity from the local power source to the levels needed by the vehicles.
  • A TPSS is a safe structure that will not introduce any new risk to the community in which it is constructed.
  • All TPSS structures are air-conditioned and therefore emit a low humming noise, similar to a residential air conditioner.