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Choisissez une intersection dans le menu déroulant ci-dessous pour obtenir tous les renseignements et dernières nouvelles sur la construction dans cette zone. Les intersections sont indiquées d’ouest en est, Eglinton étant la principale rue perpendiculaire.

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avril 022019

Water Shut-off for Watermain Reinstatement Work at Taunton Road April 4, 2019

What Work is Taking Place?

On Thursday April 4, 2019, there will be a water shut-off starting at 9:00 a.m. for approximately seven (7) hours while crews perform watermain connection work at Eglinton Avenue East and Taunton Road.  This activity is required to complete the ongoing watermain reinstatement work.  Due to the equipment required to perform this activity, such as a hydro-vacuum truck, this shut-off will be conducted during the day.  Affected properties are listed below. Lire la suite »

mars 252019

Early Start Hauling at Mount Pleasant Station Spring 2019

What Work is Taking Place?

Beginning Tuesday March 26, 2019, crews will begin hauling operations early at 6:30 a.m., Monday through Sunday, while excavation on the south side of Eglinton Ave is underway.  Excavated fill will be removed from the excavated areas by a dump truck and transported to off-site location.

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mars 202019

Central East Open House (Eglinton to Laird Stations)

Thank you for attending the Central East Open House on March 19, 2019. For those of you who missed it, the presentation is here:

Download the presentation

mars 142019

Overnight Hydro Utility Installation Work at Mount Pleasant Station March 14 – 16, 2019

What Work is Taking Place?

On Thursday March 14 and Friday March 15, crews will work overnight to complete hydro utility installation on the southwest corner of Mt Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue East.  This work will be carried out between 3:00 p.m. and 1:30 a.m., approximately.  Due to ongoing welding work in preparation of the upcoming traffic bridge, this work must be performed during a separate evening shift.

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mars 132019

Eglinton & Mount Pleasant Construction Liaison Committee Meeting

The construction liaison committee meeting of Eglinton and Mount Pleasant Stations was held on March 12, 2019. You can see the presentation here: 


Download the presentation

février 282019

Temporary Traffic Bridge Installation at Mount Pleasant Station

What Work is Taking Place?

As early as Monday March 4, 2019 crews will begin assembling and installing a temporary traffic bridge within the southeast corner of Mt Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue East. Lire la suite »

janvier 282019


Starting as soon as February 4th, an assessment of the existing dewatering system will take place at the Cross Passage site between Lillian Street and Redpath Avenue. Assessment works will take approximately five (5) days. Following the assessment the dewatering system will be recommissioned and will operate on a 24 hour basis. Periodic maintenance will be required.



janvier 252019

Overnight Storm Sewer Connection Work at Brownlow Ave January 2019

What Work is Taking Place?

On January 30, crews will return to Brownlow Ave and Eglinton Ave to connect to the new storm sewer system installed last year.  Concrete will be removed so that crews can access the manhole below ground.  From there, concrete chipping and reforming will take place allowing the crews to connect to the new storm sewer infrastructure.  This work will be performed 24 hours per day.

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janvier 122019

Construction Notice - Mount Pleasant - Overnight Duct Bank Work

Overnight Hydro Duct Bank Installation Work at Mount Pleasant Station

January 2019


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