Oakwood Avenue

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Choisissez une intersection dans le menu déroulant ci-dessous pour obtenir tous les renseignements et dernières nouvelles sur la construction dans cette zone. Les intersections sont indiquées d’ouest en est, Eglinton étant la principale rue perpendiculaire.

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août 302018

Watermain Lining & Valve Installations at Oakwood Station - September & October 2018


To increase the durability of local watermains during mining operations at Oakwood Station, sections in the vicinity of station construction zone will be lined. Lining of the watermain is a minimally invasive method of repair and rehabilitation that is commonly used throughout the City of Toronto. Using this process allows us to complete the work without excavating the entire watermain through the road.  As part of the watermain work, a number of valves will also be installed along Eglinton Avenue between Times Road and Alameda. Lire la suite »

juillet 202018

Fairbank & Oakwood Construction Liaison Committee

The construction liaison committee meeting of Fairbank and Oakwood was held on July 19, 2018. You can see the presentation here:

Download the presentation