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Choisissez une intersection dans le menu déroulant ci-dessous pour obtenir tous les renseignements et dernières nouvelles sur la construction dans cette zone. Les intersections sont indiquées d’ouest en est, Eglinton étant la principale rue perpendiculaire.

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août 06 2020

Sidewalk and Lane Closure at Laird Station Friday August 7, 2020

What Work Is Taking Place?
On Friday August 7, 2020, crews will perform a concrete pour at the Laird Station Main Entrance site.  The work will be performed using a mobile crane and several concrete trucks.  The eastbound curb lane on Eglinton Avenue East, the south sidewalk in front of Laird Station Main Entrance as well as the west and south crosswalks at Laird Drive and Eglinton Avenue East will be closed while this work takes place.  Upon completion of the pour, the lane, sidewalk and crosswalks will re-open. Lire la suite »

juillet 24 2020


What Work is Taking Place?
On July 27, 2020, crews will be performing repairs to an underground hydro chamber near the Eglinton Ave E and Leslie St intersection. To perform these repairs a temporary traffic signal outage will be required. Traffic will be controlled by paid duty officers at the intersection.
Hours of Work
• Work will begin at 8:00 a.m. on July 27, 2020 and continue for a maximum of four (4) hours. 
• In the event of inclement weather or unexpected circumstances, this work may be rescheduled. Lire la suite »

juillet 23 2020

Retaining Wall Construction east of Brentcliffe Road

UPDATE: Retaining Wall Construction east of Brentcliffe Road

August 4, 2020 Lire la suite »

juillet 13 2020

Avenue & Chaplin CLC - Presentation Deck - July 8, 2020

Construction Liaison Committee of Avenue & Chaplin was held on July 8, 2020. You can see the presentation here.

  Lire la suite »

juillet 10 2020

Overnight Beam Removal and Fencing Relocation at Leaside Station


What Work is Taking Place?
From Monday July 13, 2020 – Friday July 25, 2020 crews at Leaside Station will work overnight to remove the steel beams beneath the road decking at the southeast corner of Bayview Avenue and Eglinton Avenue East. Crews will cut open the decking and remove the beams using a small crane. During this work, the construction fencing along the sidewalk will be permanently relocated further north, to accommodate station construction underground. Lire la suite »

juillet 09 2020

Traffic Change for Continued Roadworks July 14, 2020

• The traffic change will be implemented July 14, 2020 for approximately one (1) month.
• Work may occur from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday.
• The contractor may not always work during the permitted hours but may do so at its discretion.
• Work may be rescheduled due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

brentcliffe map Lire la suite »

juin 25 2020

Decommissioning Monitoring Wells - Zone 8 - Laird to Brentcliffe


Decommissioning Monitoring Wells between Laird Drive and east of Brentcliffe Road Lire la suite »