Stage One - Launch Shaft Construction East of Brentcliffe Road

janvier 17, 2014

Winter - Spring 2014

The Eglinton Crosstown is a transit project that will provide rapid and reliable service across Eglinton Avenue including an underground central section and will be up to 60% faster than bus service today.

What work is starting?

What: A massive shaft will be excavated to prepare the area to launch the tunnel boring machines (TBMs). The site will remain a construction zone for multiple years through several stages of the project. Launch shafts are deep excavations that provide access points for TBMs. The two TBMs will begin tunnelling at the launch shaft east of Brentcliffe and work their way west towards Yonge Street.

The first stage of construction work at the launch shaft area will consist of:

  • Setting up the construction staging area
  • Road widening
  • Installation of construction fencing and barriers
  • Relocation of utilities, street lights and some tree removal (any tree removed will be replaced by additional trees according to the City by-law)
  • Construction of a revised sanitary sewer system
  • Installation of steel beams (piles)

Where: The work zone will extend along Eglinton Avenue East between Brentcliffe Road and Leslie Street during this phase. Barriers and other protection measures will be used to separate the work zone safely from the public.

When: Starting as early as the third week of January 2014. More stages of the work will follow and construction updates will be provided as the work is phased in the coming years. Timelines may be adjusted due to weather and unforeseen circumstances.

Traffic Details:

Traffic lanes will be shifted to the north side of Eglinton Avenue between Brentcliffe Road and Leslie Street to allow construction crews to begin excavation of the shaft from the south side. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction along Eglinton Avenue east in the work zone east of Brentcliffe Road.

Construction Vehicle Access:

Construction vehicles will be accessing and exiting the work zone. Paid Duty officers or flag persons may be used when required to assist with traffic control.

Noise & Vibration:

Vibration is a natural and normal reaction to some construction activities. As such, normal noise and vibration can be expected with this work. Noise and vibration monitoring equipment is in place to monitor noise and vibration levels.

Work Hours:

The hours of work as permitted by the City by-law are between 7am and 11pm, seven days a week, when required. Some overnight work may be required. Underground tunnelling and associated work may continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please Contact Us:

If you would like more detail about this work or any other aspect of the Eglinton Crosstown project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We thank you for your continued patience as we work to build rapid transit.

Download the construction notice as a PDF.