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379 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, (416) 483-1443

Established in 1962, The Fire Place Shop is a family business. 

Peter, the current owner, explained that his mother worked in a blacksmith shop where the owner gave her the retail component, and she introduced pottery and fireplaces. Peter’s father would deliver the fireplaces to artists.

The Fire Place Shop was the first ever fire place shop in Canada, and was originally located in Yorkville. The current location on Eglinton Avenue, near Avenue Road has been recently renovated, and now boasts three floors and over 6,000 sq ft of showroom.

The Fire Place Shop specializes in installing gas and wood burning fireplaces, along with providing the accessories, antique accent pieces, and screens. It also does a lot of retro-fitting to allow people to upgrade or change their old fire places. 

“A beautiful mantel piece will create an entirely different room,” says Peter.

Peter explains the differences between two types of fire places, gas and wood burning. 

“Gas is convenient, but wood burning is traditional. Gas fireplaces are for aesthetics since they don’t actually give off much heat.”

Peter works with many local artisans and architects to build the perfect fireplaces and designs. 

The Fire Place Shop’s services also extend to exterior fountains. Staff specialize in bronze construction, and there is a large market for high quality pieces. 

“My favourite part about this business is the detail in the finishing,” says Peter. “It is never about just a fireplace, but how everything fits together to create a beautiful, warm ambience.”


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