Gallery City brings Art to Eglinton for the second year!

Gallery City is back!

Eglinton Avenue has always had some of the best shopping and dining in the Toronto. The variety of goods and services that can be purchased on the Eglinton Corridor is world class. This summer, we’ve partnered yet again with the Eglinton BIAs and local businesses to make the shopping experience even better! Read more »

Inspiring Young Women in Construction

Construction is a massive industry in Canada, representing nearly 12 per cent of the country’s national economic activity. Despite the industry’s size and importance, women are heavily underrepresented, comprising only 12.6 per cent of its labour force and 4 per cent of tradespeople.  Read more »

Crosstown Glossary

'Mud slab' sounds like a flavour of ice cream, and 'Portal' is something out of the latest sci-fi drama. What do these mean in relation to construction for the Eglinton Crosstown? We often mention many terms that may be confusing if you are not involved with the project. To help, we have put together a glossary of terms that are often used when talking about the Eglinton Crosstown.

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The Next Phase Begins

While much of the work on the Eglinton Crosstown to this point has been building tunnels and stations for the underground portion, there is another nine kilometre stretch to the east that is about to start taking shape. Early work began in 2017, but now’s the time for this part of the project to come to life. Read more »

Keelesdale Mural – Recognizing Local Heritage

Next month, a new mural will be visible near the future Keelesdale Station. Titled That’s How We Roll, the mural was painted by grade 11 art students from York Memorial Collegiate Institute. 

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Back to the Basics: Crosstown 101

What is going on in the area? Why is there construction along Eglinton? What is the Crosstown?

While construction for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT is currently ongoing, many are still unclear about what the Crosstown is, and what it will mean once complete. Recently, we took to social media to see what our followers know about the Crosstown. 

What is the Eglinton Crosstown?  Read more »

#MyEglinton story – Joel Boland

Joel Boland grew up near the Golden Mile, and for him and his friends, Eglinton was the place to be. From his dentist to basketball games to Eglinton Square, Eglinton Avenue East had everything Joel needed – except for a modern transit line to help get across the corridor.

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Design Drafts – Building Information Modelling

The Design Drafts is a series of articles focusing on the design of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT (ECLRT). This month, the focus is on the use of Building Information Modelling to aid design and construction.

Construction is a physical job. It takes people on the ground to excavate, pour concrete, lay down steel and perform the many steps involved in building a new transit line. Read more »

Soil Management – Excelling with Excess

With household waste, unwanted possessions and garbage are stuffed into the bin, brought to the curb, and promptly forgotten about. However, behind the scenes, there’s an army of city employees working to transport, sort, and store the waste. 

This process works perfectly on a small scale, but what if the project is bigger? What if, instead of a bag of garbage, the material in question was truckloads of dirt? Read more »

Photo Reflections - 2017 Construction Progress

In what had originally been called, “The Year of the Dig,” 2017 became more than just that for construction on the Eglinton Crosstown. At the start of the year, concrete had yet to be poured at construction sites for each of the stations and not a single piece of steel had been put in place. With each month, efforts gradually ramped up, with excavation shaping the stations to come and structures starting to form.

Here are the best photos from Eglinton Crosstown construction in 2017: Read more »