No Loop, No Problem - Testing unbuilt infrastructure


You would never buy a product that hasn’t been tested. Whether it’s a home appliance, a vehicle or any retail item, it’s important to know that the items we buy are tested to guarantee the quality of their construction.

The same principle applies when building a new transit line. We want to know that every new piece of infrastructure works exactly as intended, and that it has been tested for operational readiness on opening day. Read more »

The Design Drafts – Interchanges

The Design Drafts is a series of articles focusing on the design of the Eglinton LRT (ELRT). This month, we sat down with Crosslinx Transit Solutions Design Manager Hagen Materne to discuss challenges in designing Eglinton and Cedarvale Stations – interchanges with TTC’s Line 1. Read more »

The Design Drafts – Crosstown Design Overview

The Design Drafts is a new series of articles focusing on the design of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. In the coming months, articles will focus on topics like station design, neighbourhood integration and public artwork. Read more »

Moving Kodak Building 9 Back

Thirteen months after Kodak Building 9 was first moved, the time has come to move it back to its original location and secure it to a new foundation.

When putting together the original design of Mount Dennis Station, an interesting decision had to be made – what should be done withhistoric landmark?

Building 9 has long been a historic part of the Mount Dennis Community. Instead of demolishing the building, construction is currently ongoing to transform it into the tertiary entrance of Mount Dennis Station, and an important part of a future transit hub. Read more »

Limitless Power in a Limited Space

Think, for a moment, about the amount of electricity that would be required for underground transit tunnels.

You’ve got the lighting systems along the walls, ventilation to ensure there’s clean air, and rail communications systems. On top of all this, you need to supply power for these systems over massive distances covered by the transit line. Read more »

Shop Local – "Experience Eglinton"

Eglinton is one of the most diverse streets in Toronto. Intersecting over a dozen neighbourhoods, its hundreds of local shops and big-name retailers sell nearly every good and service imaginable. As you travel Eglinton Avenue, the streetscape changes to match the character of each vibrant neighbourhood.  Read more »

Inspiration in Construction

The Artbarn School is Toronto’s foremost not-for-profit art school, and students and staff are finding inspiration in unlikely places near its Eglinton home, encouraging the community not to feel fenced in by construction.   Read more »

Construction Progress Update – Science Centre Station

When you think of the biggest Crosstown sites, the obvious one comes to mind – the Maintenance and Storage Facility and Mount Dennis Station. However, much further east on Eglinton, crews are operating on a complex site nearly one kilometre long; Science Centre Station.  Read more »

Sewer upgrades during Crosstown station construction

Crosstown construction comes with some add-on infrastructure perks  ̶  like upgrades to existing sewers along some sections of Eglinton. At Laird, Avenue and Oakwood Stations, local storm and sanitary sewers will be lined in the vicinity of the construction sites prior to mining works. Sewer lining is a process that increases the durability of the sewers – a great improvement for the surrounding neighbourhoods. Read more »