Allen Road Update - Closure will not be pursued

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May 16, 2014

Construction of extraction and launch shafts along Eglinton Avenue at Allen Road began in February which has resulted in significant congestion along Eglinton. Options to alleviate the situation, including the closure of the Allen Road northbound, have been considered.

Metrolinx was asked by local Councillors to consider options that would allow Crosstown construction to continue on schedule, alleviate some of the traffic congestion and ensure the safety of pedestrians along Eglinton Avenue West. And, City Transportation asked Metrolinx to conduct a traffic analysis of the alternatives for closure of the Allen Road and to address the benefits of the potential closure to the City, the local community and the project.

That study has been completed and based on the results, the closure of Allen Road will not be pursued. Traffic volumes have decreased significantly along Eglinton at the Allen Road, by to 60%, since construction began. As well, next year  the City is planning to resurface Dufferin Street from Eglinton to Highway 401 and also to resurface Lawrence Avenue from Dufferin to Allen Road. Those projects would pose a challenge in terms of accommodating more volume displaced from Eglinton. 

Metrolinx will continue to work very closely with the City of Toronto Traffic Services, the TTC, local Councillors and police to monitor the situation along Eglinton at Allen Road and to make modifications to approved plans, where required.