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December 07 2021

DELAYED - Overnight Work in the Railway Corridor Works between Ray Avenue and Black Creek Drive Friday - December 10, 2021

** This work was delayed by one week and will now begin as early as Friday December 10, 2021** Read more »

December 06 2021

Equipment Removals at Oakwood Station - December 9, 2021

*Information updated on Dec 6, 2021*

Equipment Removals at Oakwood Station  December 6, 2021

What Work is Taking Place?

December 02 2021

Pharmacy to Kennedy CLC - Presentation Deck - November 30,2021

The following construction update for Pharmacy to Kennedy stations has been updated as recently as November 30, 2021. You can view the presentation here:

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December 02 2021

Eglinton & Mount Pleasant CLC - Presentation Deck - November 2021


The Construction Liaison Committee of Eglinton & Mount Pleasant was held on November 10, 2021. You can review the presentation here: 

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