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June 132016

Overnight Construction at Bayview and Eglinton Intersection

What work is starting?

What: Removal of the jet-grout delivery trench and road surface restoration within the intersection of Bayview Avenue and Eglinton Avenue East.

When: Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 9:00 p.m. to Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 5:00 a.m.

Where: Crews will be working within the intersection at Bayview Avenue and Eglinton Avenue East.   Read more »

June 032016

Disruption from service locomotives

Dear Neighbour, 

As you may know, the Eglinton Crosstown LRT Project includes a 10-kilometre underground portion. Two Tunnel Boring Machines (or “TBMs”) are building the 3.5km eastern underground section of the Crosstown tunnels between Brentcliffe Road and Yonge Street. The TBMs are making great progress tunneling at an average rate of over 10-15 metres per day.  They have completed approximately 70% of their journey and expected to be at Yonge Street in early September. Read more »

May 272016

Short Term Lane Closures along Eglinton Avenue East for Monitoring Equipment Installation: Leaside (Bayview) and Laird Stations

What work is starting?

Crews will be installing ground movement monitoring equipment at Leaside (Bayview) and Laird station locations. These monitors will provide information on ground conditions during station construction. 

Timing Read more »

May 202016

Eglinton Closure and Detour for Road Deck Repair Saturday, May 28 at 8:00 PM to Sunday, May 29

What work is starting?

What: Repair/maintenance is required for the road decking on Eglinton Avenue East at the emergency exit building near Leaside High School. Read more »

April 072016

Tunnelling: What you may experience

As you may know, the Eglinton Crosstown includes a 10-kilometre underground portion, between Keele Street and Laird Drive. For the tunnelled portion, locomotives run along interim track and transport materials and haul spoils in and out of the tunnels to the extraction shafts. Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) and muck removal operations run around the clock - 24 hours a day. Read more »

March 302016

Next Stage: Bayview Headwall Construction – Work Zones Shift to North Side

What:  Crews will be shifting construction to the north lanes on Eglinton Avenue East to continue constructing the headwalls for the future Leaside station.  

Why:  A final phase of work on the headwalls is required on the north side of Eglinton Avenue East before station construction begins.

When:  Work will begin as early as the week of April 4, 2016, and will continue for several weeks.Some work may be rescheduled or adjusted due to weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances. Read more »

March 112016

Updated Notice: Temporary Sewer Restoration Work - Walder Avenue

What work is starting?

What: In conjunction with the nearby Eglinton Avenue East sewer rehabilitation work which occurred this past winter, crews are restoring a man-hole on Walder Avenue, just to the north of Eglinton Avenue.

Why: This work is necessary to complete the restoration work for Walder Avenue, following a major sewer upgrade beneath Eglinton Avenue. Read more »

March 022016

Demolition Work at Future Leaside (formerly Bayview) Station

What work is starting?

In February 2016, crews began conducting preparatory activities in the Bayview Avenue and Eglinton Avenue East vicinity to make way for the future Leaside Station. 

Upcoming Works – Demolition Read more »

February 122016

Next Stage: Bayview Headwall Construction – Shift to South Side and Middle Lanes on Eglinton Avenue East

What work is starting?

What: Crews will continue constructing the east and west headwalls for the future Bayview Station in advance of the tunnelling works.  On the east side of Bayview Avenue, crews will be shifting construction to the middle lanes on Eglinton Avenue East. On the west side of Bayview Avenue, crews will be shifting construction to the south side of Eglinton Avenue East. Read more »

January 222016

Sewer Work – Eglinton Avenue East between Banff Road and Bayview Avenue

Dear Neighbour, 

As you know, tunnelling for the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) line will continue through 2016. Metrolinx has sent various updates related to the tunnelling work and its progress; however, regrettably less time has been spent to communicate some of the impacts of preparatory or pre-tunnelling work that is required in advance of tunnel boring machines passing through a particular area.  Read more »