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February 172017

Shoring in the Roadway and Tertiary Entrance at Chaplin Station

What Work is Taking Place?

In October 2016, crews started support of excavation work (shoring) at the main entrance site of the future Chaplin Station.  In February 2017, crews will begin shoring of the station box, starting on the south side Eglinton Avenue West, as well as the tertiary entrance located at the old Toronto Fire Hall, east of Chaplin Crescent.  Shoring is a common step in the process of constructing the foundation of a building. Read more »

January 062017

Utilities Relocation Continues at Chaplin Station

What Work is Taking Place?

Since August 2016, crews have been relocating of existing telecommunication (Bell) and hydro lines in the vicinity of Chaplin Crescent and Eglinton Avenue West, in preparation for the next phase of station construction, shoring. Read more »

November 162016

Hydro Utility Relocation at Chaplin Station

What Work is Taking Place?

Crews will relocate overhead hydro utilities in the vicinity of Chaplin Crescent and Eglinton Avenue West to prepare for construction of Chaplin Station.  Existing hydro poles and cables will be removed.  Temporary poles will be installed, and the cables will be relocated to the temporary poles and an underground duct bank.   Temporary services outages will be required to switch service over to the new hydro infrastructure.  Some businesses or residents may experience short-duration hydro outages of approximately 20 minutes. Read more »

November 032016

TTC Bus Route #33 Detour

TTC Bus Route #33 Detour

Route Changes

TTC bus route #33 is temporarily changing to accommodate upcoming construction of the future Forest Hill Station at Bathurst Street and Eglinton Avenue West.  In order to accommodate station construction, several turn restrictions will be in place at the intersection.  As a result, TTC bus route #33 must be re-routed. The bus will be diverted along Mayfair Avenue to Shallmar Boulevard beginning in early November.   Read more »

October 252016

Demolition at the future Chaplin Station

What Work is Taking Place?

Beginning as early as mid-October 2016, crews will demolish the east portion of 641 Eglinton Avenue West, the former Toronto Fire Hall 135, to make way for the tertiary entrance of the future Chaplin Station.  The west portion of the building will be preserved for future development.  A cinderblock retaining wall will be constructed and installed to protect the west portion of the structure during demolition activity. Read more »

September 152016

Chaplin Station Open House

Thank you for attending our Chaplin station open house on September 14, 2016. 

For those of you who missed it, the presentation is here:

September 062016

Pedestrian Safety near Construction Sites

Construction of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT line, including 15 underground stations, is underway. Since the end of school, many construction sites have been set up for station construction and the set-up of some major intersections along Eglinton Avenue has been changed.

Pedestrian Information Read more »

July 292016

TTC Bus Route #33 Change Starting July 31st 2016

TTC bus route #33 is temporarily changing to accommodate upcoming construction at the future Chaplin Station. Route #33 buses will travel in reverse direction of the existing route from Eglinton Avenue West, between Chaplin Crescent and Bathurst Street. Read more »