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February 122015

Temporary Bridge Deck Installation on Eglinton Avenue

What we are building

What: Crews will be installing a temporary bridge deck on Eglinton Avenue for the future planned move of the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) from the extraction shaft. The TBMs will be moved from the extraction shaft on the west side of Allen Road to the launch shaft under construction on the east side of Allen Road. This bridge deck will facilitate the movement of the TBMs and is not for public use. Read more »

February 102015

UPDATE: Bathurst Station Headwall Construction for Twin Tunnels

What we are building

What: Crews will be building headwalls for the future underground Bathurst Station. Headwalls are underground support walls located at the east and west ends of the station. Following the site preparation, crews will be installing these headwalls in advance of the twin tunnel construction. Read more »

February 062015

Tree Removal and Protection in the vicinity of 440 Eglinton Avenue East

What work is starting?

What: Crews will be removing a tree, which is adjacent to Eglinton Avenue East in the vicinity of 440 Eglinton Avenue East. Read more »

February 042015

Update: Laird West Headwall Construction on North side of Eglinton

What phase of work is starting in the vicinity of Sutherland Drive? Read more »

February 042015

Gas Line Relocation for Eglinton Crosstown LRT – Don Mills Station Starting the Week of February 2, 2015

What work is starting?

What: Enbridge Gas Distribution will be relocating natural gas pipelines for the construction of the Eglinton Crosstown tunnel and future Don Mills Station. Read more »

January 162015

Extraction Shaft Construction Work East of Yonge Street Shifting to North Side of Eglinton Avenue

What: Crews will be working on the construction of a large shaft including the building of support piles and a headwall, located within the Eglinton Avenue roadway on the east side of Yonge Street. 

Why: Crews are currently relocating utilities on the south side of Eglinton. During the next stage, construction of a large shaft will begin on the north side of Eglinton. Construction of this shaft will include daylighting for utilities, installation of piles, jet-grouting and excavation and decking of the roadway.   Read more »

January 132015

Emergency Exit Building Construction Hydro Utility Pole Relocation on Petman Avenue

What work is starting?

What: Petman Avenue hydro utility pole relocation work is necessary in advance of the construction of Emergency Exit Building.  Certain hydro utility poles located on the east side of Petman Avenue and on City of Toronto property, will be relocated to a nearby location - also on City of Toronto property. Read more »

January 082015

Cross Passage Headwall Construction near Duncannon Drive - Stage 1

What we are building?

What: A cross passage is a tunnel cut between two other parallel tunnels required for maintenance or emergency purposes. Crews will be building one headwall for the future cross-passage required for future maintenance of the tunnels.  Read more »

January 082015

Retour sur l’année 2014

Le projet Eglinton Crosstown est une ligne de transport léger sur rail (TLR) de 19 kilomètres qui longera Eglinton Avenue au cœur de Toronto et comprendra un tunnel souterrain de 10 kilomètres dans sa section centrale. Lorsqu’elle sera terminée, la ligne reliera Mount Dennis, à l’ouest, à Kennedy Road, à l’est, et offrira un service jusqu’à 60 % plus rapide que le service d’autobus actuel.  Read more »