Don Valley Parkway

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October 012020

Duct Bank Installation at The West Don River Bridge

What Work is Taking Place?

Crews will begin installing duct banks under the West Don River Bridge as early as October 5, 2020. To perform this work safely, an alternating lane closure under the bridge will be in place for approximately six (6) weeks. Access to the E.T Seaton Park parking lot, south of Eglinton Avenue East will be maintained. There will be no impacts to traffic on Eglinton Avenue East.

September 292020

OCS Cable Installation on Eglinton Avenue East at Don Valley Parkway West Intersection

                      (Temporary turn restrictions at the Don Valley Parkway west ramps for OCS cable installation)

What Work is Taking Place?

June 112020

Shelter Installation at Aga Khan Park & Museum Stop South Platform

Shelter Installation at Aga Khan Park & Museum Stop

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June 082020