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October 042019

Intermittent Sidewalk Closure at Mount Pleasant Station Monday, October 7, 2019

On Monday October 7, there will be an intermittent sidewalk closure on the north side of Eglinton Ave E to complete piling work at Mount Pleasant Station. The sidewalk on the north side of Eglinton Ave E will be closed from the north-easterly corner of Mt Pleasant Rd. and Eglinton Ave to 300 Eglinton Ave E. The sidewalk closure will begin as early as  7 a.m. and take place for approximately five (5) hours. Access to the surrounding buildings and TTC will be maintained at all times. Traffic control personnel will be present while this closure takes place. Read more »

October 042019

Extended Construction Hours at Mount Pleasant Station Beginning October 2019


Starting Tuesday October 15, crews will begin working extended hours at Mount Pleasant Station to accelerate construction.  Extended hours work will be completed in phases, beginning with shallow excavation and roof construction from October 2019 through February 2020.  On-site mitigation measures will be in place to minimize disruption caused by this work.  Read more »

September 302019

Updated: Traffic Change at Mount Pleasant Station Thursday, October 4, 2019

As early as Thursday October 3, a new traffic configuration will be implemented at Mount Pleasant Station. East of the intersection, the island in the middle of Eglinton Avenue at Taunton Rd will be removed and traffic will shift fully to the south side of Eglinton Avenue. On Mt Pleasant Rd, traffic will remain on the west. The north-south crosswalk on the east side of Eglinton Avenue will remain closed, and the crosswalk on the west side of Eglinton Avenue will be open. The traffic flip will begin as early as 5 a.m. and take approximately two (2) hours to complete. Read more »

September 132019

Emergency Weekend and Overnight Bell Work at Mount Pleasant Station Friday, September 13, 2019

What Work is Taking Place?

Starting Friday September 13, crews will work through the weekend and overnight to perform emergency Bell utility work on the south side of Eglinton Ave E. Construction activities include excavation and cable repair work. This work requires the use of excavators, hydro-vacuum trucks and generators, as well as site lighting. This work will take place within the existing work zone. Crews will endeavour to minimize disruption as much as possible. Read more »

September 112019

Extension of the Secondary Entrance Work Zone Friday September 13, 2019

As early as Friday September 13, the secondary entrance work zone will be extended eastward, approximately three (3) metres from 300 Eglinton Avenue E to accommodate ongoing construction activities at Mount Pleasant Station. All protection barriers and fences surrounding the work zone will be maintained. This configuration will be in place until approximately late October 2020. Read more »

September 112019

Eglinton & Mount Pleasant Construction Liaison Committee Meeting

The construction liaison committee meeting of Eglinton and Mount Pleasant stations was held on September 10, 2019. You can see the presentation here:

Read more »

August 192019

Notice of Planned Overnight Water Shut-Off Wednesday, August 21, 2019

What Work is Taking Place?

On Wednesday August 21, crews will perform a water shut-off from 9 p.m. – 5 a.m. to accommodate ongoing watermain work at Mount Pleasant station.

A test shut conducted on Sunday August 18 confirmed 269 to 341 Eglinton Avenue East will be affected by the shut-off on Wednesday August 21.


Affected Properties Read more »

August 192019

Scaffolding Removal and Repair Work at 223 Eglinton Avenue East August - September 2019

What Work is Taking Place?

In August 2019, crews will remove the multi-level scaffolding at 223 Eglinton Avenue East (Eglinton Junior Public School), in advance of construction returning to the north side of Eglinton Avenue East.  First, scaffold panels will be removed, then the building façade will be repaired.  The entire scaffolding structure is expected to be removed by October 2019.

Timing Read more »