Moving Forward with Battery Energy Storage System

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March 28, 2017

On March 28, 2017, Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca and Laura Albanese, MPP for York-South Weston, visited the future site of Mount Dennis Station to announce the new, proposed energy storage facility. Minister Del Duca and MPP Albanese were joined by Metrolinx Chief Communications & Public Affairs Officer Judy Pfeifer, and Chris Tyrrell, Executive VP and Chief Customer Care and Conservation Officer for Toronto Hydro.

The energy storage system, which is equivalent to a large battery, will be capable of providing backup and emergency power to the LRT line for up to four hours in the event of a wide-spread power outage. The system will provide more environmental and operating cost savings than the previously proposed natural gas powered facility. Specifically, it stores off-peak energy at night, which is lower-cost energy, then is available to supply on-peak energy during the day, reducing peak demand, lowering emissions and lowering costs.