Overnight Work within the Rail Corridor - October 22, 2020

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October 20, 2020


What Work is Taking Place?

Crews at the Rail Corridor continue west Rail Corridor development, including utility installations. Overnight on Thursday October 22, crews will be installing the storm pipe on the north side of the Corridor. Due to the proximity of live tracks, this work must be performed overnight. Crews continue to use the access gate through the noise wall on Locust Ave to access the corridor north of Eglinton Ave W.


What to Expect

Installation of the storm pipe includes the use of excavators, front end loaders, rollers, and tampers. Crews will be excavating to install the pipe, and then refilling and levelling the demolition site with fresh granular material and compaction of the material into the ground. Noise from construction equipment caused by loaders, trucks, and other machinery, as well as dust and debris removal can be expected. Crews will be using a roller to perform backfilling and compaction works. Vibrations can be expected.



  • Crews will be working from 7:00pm until 6:00am on Thursday October 22
  • Work may be rescheduled due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances
  • The contractor may not always work during the permitted hours but may do so at its discretion
  • This work may take longer or shorter than expected. Should additional time be required, crews will also be working overnight on Friday October 23



  • All current traffic restrictions will remain in place
  • Access to Weston Rd and Eglinton Ave W will be maintained.



  • All current pedestrian restrictions will remain in place
  • Access to businesses and properties will be maintained