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December 17 2020

Upcoming Concrete Pour at the Berwick Portal - December 22, 2020




What Work Is Taking Place?

As early as Thursday December 22, 2020 crews at Eglinton Station will perform a concrete pour at the Berwick Portal site, south of Eglinton Avenue and Yonge Street. The concrete will form one of the portal walls. To ensure the integrity and continuity of the pour, work will begin as early as 6:00 a.m. and take approximately thirteen (13) hours to complete. Read more »

December 15 2020

Road Restoration Works at Mt Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue East - December 16, 2020



What Work Is Taking Place?

As early as Wednesday December 16, 2020 crews at Mount Pleasant Station will perform road restoration works along Eglinton Avenue East and Mt Pleasant Road. As part of this work, crews will fill potholes and smooth out bumps at the intersection and along the roadway.  Read more »

December 14 2020

Berwick Road Closure for Concrete Pour - December 21, 2020




What Work Is Taking Place?

On Monday December 21, 2020, Berwick Avenue will be closed at Yonge Street while a concrete pour takes place at the Berwick Portal site.  The concrete will form part of the portal walls.  A concrete pump will be placed on Berwick Avenue and several concrete trucks will enter the site each hour.


What to Expect Read more »

December 10 2020

UPDATED: Upcoming Concrete Pour at Eglinton Avenue and Yonge Street - December 13, 2020


Original Post: December 9, 2020

UPDATED: December 10, 2020




What Work Is Taking Place? Read more »