Three Hour Parking – Tarlton Road Eglinton Avenue West to College View Avenue

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April 22, 2015

What:  Maximum 3 hour parking will be allowed on Tarlton Road for the duration of this phase of construction on Eglinton Avenue.

Why:  On-street parking will not be available within the vicinity of construction along Eglinton Avenue between Bathurst Street and Avenue Road. To alleviate the loss of parking on Eglinton Avenue during construction, the City of Toronto, in collaboration with Metrolinx, will be adjusting the parking restrictions in certain sections to accommodate parking for the neighbourhood and businesses.    

map three hour parking tarlton road

Where:  Tarlton Road from Eglinton Avenue to College View Avenue on the west side only.    

When:  As early as April 2015, the existing no-parking signs will be covered, bringing parking allowance to a maximum three-hour parking. A Maximum 3-hour parking will be in effect only if the existing parking regulation signs have been covered.  All other parking regulation signs will be enforced.

Original traffic conditions and restrictions will be restored upon completion of the works. Metrolinx and the City of Toronto will continue to review signal coordination and traffic conditions along Eglinton to help keep traffic and transit moving.

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