TTC Bus Rerouting at Eglinton Station: Late March to Late Summer 2020

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February 10, 2020

What Work is Taking Place?

In late March 2020, the bus loop at Eglinton West Station, located at Allen Road and Eglinton Avenue, will be closed for approximately five (5) months while crews construct a roof for the future Cedarvale LRT Station. During the closure, the 32D Eglinton West bus will extend to Eglinton Station. 

To accommodate the additional 32D buses, the 51 Leslie and 56 Leaside buses must enter Eglinton Station from the Berwick Avenue entrance. 51 Leslie and 56 Leaside buses will travel westbound on Eglinton Avenue, south on Duplex Avenue, east on Berwick Avenue, and turn left into the bus terminal.  Speed bumps on Duplex and Berwick Avenues must be modified to allow TTC buses to travel safely along the route.  Once the Eglinton West Station bus loop re-opens in September 2020, the 51 Leslie and 56 Leaside buses will resume their normal route into Eglinton Station. 

Work Area Map


Hours of Work

The 51 Leslie and 56 Leaside buses will be rerouted for approximately five (5) months beginning late March 2020 until late summer 2020

Modifications to the speed bumps will begin as early as late February 2020; a separate notice will be issued in advance of this work

What to Expect

Approximately six (6) TTC buses per hour will travel along this route

Noise can be expected when speed bumps are modified

Pedestrian and Traffic Changes

Short-term traffic disruptions may be in effect when the speed bumps are modified

Transit Information 

The 32D Eglinton West bus will be extended to terminate at Eglinton Station during the closure

The 51 Leslie and 56 Leaside buses will use Duplex and Berwick Avenues to access the bus terminal at Eglinton Station  

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Travelling Smart during Construction

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