Watermain Lining at Avenue Station Secondary Entrance

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December 6, 2017

Original Issue Date: December 4, 2017
Updated: December 6, 2017
Updated: January 15, 2018 (timing)



Properties 270 – 302 Eglinton Avenue West


To increase the durability of local watermains during mining operations at Avenue Station, sections in the vicinity of station construction zone will be lined. Lining of the watermain is a minimally invasive method of repair and rehabilitation that is commonly used throughout the City of Toronto. Using this process allows us to complete the work without excavating the entire watermain through the road.  

A temporary water service will be installed to provide water while the watermain is being lined. Properties on the north side of Eglinton between Avenue Road and Oriole Parkway, and 250 Eglinton Avenue West, will require connections to the temporary water service. The temporary water service is planned to be housed in the laneway behind businesses and work will be required periodically in the laneway to accommodate the service.

Dates TBD - February 2018.

The entire watermain lining process will take approximately 6 weeks to complete. The temporary service connection installation takes approximately 2 weeks, followed by the lining operation which takes approximately 4 weeks to complete.

The water service is the underground pipe that brings water to your water meter and is owned by you and by the City. The part that the City owns goes from the municipal watermain to your property line.  The part that you own goes from your property line to your water meter.   

To complete the watermain lining works, the following activities must be performed:

  • Perform pre-inspections at each property that requires connection to the temporary water service.
  • Excavate pits in the laneway to access the watermain and house the temporary water service.   
  • Install a temporary water service supply system and attach each property to the supply. In some cases, a small trench will be dug to house the connection pipes and it will be temporarily covered to maintain access.
  • Complete excavation work on Oriole Parkway sidewalk just east of 256 Eglinton Ave West, on Eglinton Avenue West just south of 250 Eglinton Avenue West and just south of 288 Eglinton Avenue West to connect to the water supply for the temporary water service connections.
  • Clean and structurally re-line the existing watermain.
  • Remove the temporary water service supply and restore all work areas.



  • The contractor will need access to properties to complete a pre-inspection and following that to connect and disconnect the temporary water service. 
  • A short water service disruption will be required to connect and disconnect the temporary water service. This work will be performed overnight to minimize disruptions. 
  • At least 24-hour advance notice will be provided for all planned shut-offs. 
  • Throughout the work, it is recommended that you temporarily disconnect any water treatment systems (i.e. softeners or filters), water-cooled air conditioners or similar plumbing fixtures. 



  • Pre-inspections took place in early November. 
  • The temporary connection work will take approximately 2 weeks to set up. The temporary connection for affected properties will remain in place until the watermain lining operation is complete. 
  • The watermain lining operation will take approximately 4 weeks (mid-December to mid-January).
  • Temporary water service installation work and lining work will be done during regular hours, 7AM – 11PM.
  • Connection and disconnection switch overs (service disruption) will be done during overnight hours, 11PM – 7AM, and will be communicated in advance.