Demolishing the Abandoned TTC Bus Terminal at Yonge and Eglinton


In 2004 the TTC bus terminal at Yonge and Eglinton was abandoned over safety concerns stemming from the 50 year-old infrastructure.  This has left a large unoccupied space in Toronto’s bustling Midtown community, offering little-to-no value to the public realm for more than a decade.

Demolition of the terminal began in August of this year to make way for the new Eglinton Crosstown LRT Station, signalling a transformation of the area for residents and community members alike. The new Eglinton LRT Station will connect with Line 1 of the TTC Subway, offering commuters, residents, and shoppers a fast-track connection from the outskirts of the city (as far as Mount Dennis in the west and Kennedy Station in the east) to midtown and the downtown core.

 Future developments surrounding the Eglinton Station LRT entrance (depicted below) are yet to be determined. Some Local Councillors are advocating for a public park space. “We have a historic opportunity,” says Josh Matlow, Councillor of Ward 22, St. Paul’s, “to create a grand public space here: not just another concrete square, something green and beautiful both for the city at large and to be enjoyed by the local community. And that’s what great cities do. We need to measure up. This wouldn’t even be debated in Chicago or New York.” (Post City Toronto, June 1, 2016)

 The city has given development agency Build Toronto the responsibility of planning future development for the site. Build Toronto’s approach to development is “to create greater financial and City-Building value from the City’s underutilized real estate assets.” (Build Toronto)

 However, development is still many years away. The demolition of the terminal will be going through to spring 2017 and the space will remain a construction zone until 2021 when the Crosstown LRT nears substantial completion.