Winter Safety: Driving Near the Crosstown Construction Sites


Driving near construction sites is tough, there’s no question about it. Fencing can reduce available laneways and traffic bottlenecks can cause long delays. When winter weather and precipitation hit, these difficulties are made even worse. 

This winter, keep the following tips in mind when driving near the Crosstown’s construction sites:

  • Drive slowly: In cold weather, slow and steady movement is the best way to minimize the risk of a fender-bender near construction zones. Snow and black ice can cause loss of traction, and wet and icy steel plates at construction zones can make it even worse.
  • Stay alert: Around construction zones, paying attention is crucial. Narrow/suddenly ending lanes can catch anyone by surprise – especially with low visibility during snow and white-outs.
  • Watch the road: Winter storms and snow ploughs can knock over traffic cones and move other impediments onto the roadway. Always look ahead to help avoid collisions.
  • Remember to yield: Pedestrians, vehicles and construction workers all need to work together to navigate near constructions sites. If everyone makes an effort to yield, we’ll all get to our destinations faster and easier.
  • Plan your trips ahead: Driving near construction zones during extreme weather conditions can make trips longer than expected. Check your local weather websites and the Crosstown’s mobile app, aCrosstown, to stay updated on road conditions, and plan your trips accordingly.

When roads are slick and visibility is low, treat other drivers with extra courtesy and respect. By following these five guidelines, we can all stay safe near the Crosstown’s construction zones this winter.