The tunnels are complete – now, what’s next?


For nearly three years, massive tunnel boring machines (TBMs) tunnelled underground the Eglinton corridor between Black Creek Drive and Laird Drive creating the twin-tunnels that will one day host the Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) line.

Now that the tunnels are prepared, up next is fitting out the tunnels similar to furnishing a freshly built home. First comes the flooring, then the trim, the paint, the furniture, and then finally, the people. In this case, the flooring will be approximately 44,400 cubic metres of concrete – enough to fill the tanks at the Ripley’s Aquarium about eight times.

Concrete Tunnel Pour

“The concrete invert pour is the first step in preparation for track work and other equipment required to operate a transit system within a tunnel environment,” says Norman Langerhorst, senior project manager for Crosslinx Transit Solutions. “Given the ambitious schedules, this work needs to be started now to get ahead of the station construction. Once the station construction is at a stage where we can get access to the station platform areas, we will install the track throughout the length of the tunnels.”

Mini Concrete Truck in Tunnel

Over the next several months, crews will pour a concrete slab in each of the tunnel sections across the line. The concrete slab will flatten the tunnel floor and provide a foundation for the LRT tracks and other systems. A short portion of the track will be installed in the tunnel as early as the end of 2017. This segment will be a test section, which will be outfitted with all of the components required for the tunnel. Think of it like one of those showroom kitchens you see at Ikea, but with a working sink and fridge.

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