Understanding the turnback


A “turnback” is a rail crossover that connects the two tracks together allowing the light rail vehicles (LRVs) to change directions as needed. There are a total of 12 turnbacks along the line – seven at stations, and five on the surface section. Avenue Station is one of the two turnback stations that will also feature a storage track. 

Double Crosstown at a Turnback Station

Regular double crossover at a turnback station 

“Both Avenue Station and Laird Station will include a short storage track in between the easbound and westbound tracks,” said Luis Fernandez, Trackwork Project Manager, Crosslinx Transit Solutions. “This will allow the LRVs to not only change directions, but also be stored in the middle track in case of an emergency or change in service without disrupting operations.”

Sloane, a surface stop that will be located near Bermondsey Road and Eglinton Avenue East, will also feature a crossover and storage track like that at Avenue and Laird Stations.

Crossover with Storage Track

Crossover with storage track

There are multiple factors that led to Avenue Station being designed as a turnback station, including its proximity to the maintenance and storage facility and the line’s western terminus, Mount Dennis Station.