Massive drill rig arrives at Cedarvale Station


In early June, crews assembled a 100-foot drill rig to begin support of excavation (shoring) for the east entrance of the Crosstown’s future Cedarvale Station. Located at Allen Road and Eglinton Avenue, the east entrance, with a footprint slightly longer than a volleyball court, will offer accessible access to both the new LRT line and the TTC’s  University-Spadina subway line.  

Cedarvale Station Rendering

This massive 140-tonne drill rig will work with another large crane to install a series of “caisson” piles. Caisson piles are formed by driving a hollow tube into the ground, placing a large steel beam into the tube, and filling it with concrete. These piles will form the foundation of the future station entrance. However, unlike a foundation for a house – where a hole is dug and then the foundation walls are built – we drill overlapping caissons to form the foundation wall, then dig the hole. 

Drill Rig at Cedarvale Station Site

“In total, we will be installing 66 caisson piles for the east entrance at a depth of between 30 to 56 feet into the ground,” said Scott Shaw, Cedarvale Superintendent. “If the weather cooperates with us, it will take us about 5 to 6 weeks to complete this phase of shoring.”

Caisson piles Crane at Cedarvale Station Site