Work Starts on the Crosstown’s Surface Section


The Crosstown’s 19 kilometres includes a 10-kilometre underground tunnel in its central section, and a nine-kilometre stretch in the east that will run along on the surface.  After years of work on the underground section – including tunneling and now station construction – crews are now beginning preparatory works for the eastern at-grade portion.

Between Brentcliffe Road and Kennedy Station, light rail vehicles will travel on the surface in dedicated, centre  transit lanes – or ‘a guideway’. Vehicles will service 10 stops between Leslie Street and Ionview Road, and dip below grade for stop at underground stations at Don Mills and Kennedy Station. 

Eglinton Crosstown map

Crosstown crews are gearing up to begin preparatory works for this surface section. Approximately seven kilometres of medians will be removed between Leslie Street and Rosemount Drive to make way for the guideway construction. This work is expected to begin in summer 2017 with minimal impacts to the public. There will be temporary, intermittent lane closures to perform the work safely.

Median Removal on York Region viva Project

When completed there will be a dedicated transit lane for LRVs in the centre of Eglinton Avenue East with two lanes of eastbound and westbound traffic on either side of the guideway. Transit riders will be able to access the new transit line with well-lit, modern, and accessible platforms surrounded by a fresh new landscape.

Crosstown LRT Ionview Stop RenderingCrosstown LRT Sunnybrook Park Stop