The Essentials: Planning Your Canada 150 BBQ


It’s Canada’s big 150th this year. Have you planned your Canada Day barbecue? Whether it’s your first attempt, or just another in a long tradition of Dominion Day celebrations, we’ve got you covered. Here are the things you’ll need and where to find them local to Eglinton Avenue. On July 1st, don't just grill – be a grillmaster. 


It goes without saying that a good grill is essential to actually hosting a barbecue. Depending on your style and budget, you could be looking at a Kamado charcoal grill, a smoker or a traditional grill. Barbecue aficionados say the flavour you get from charcoal or smokers is incomparable, but the quick convenience of propane and gas grills can’t be beat for busy families. For folks in apartments or condominiums with space restrictions, portable and table-top grills are also available. Plan your purchase according to your preference, and don’t be afraid to ask store staff for help.   


  • Canadian Tire (2360 Eglinton Avenue West)
  • Home Depot (101 Wicksteed Avenue)

Grill Tools

Two items are foundational to any grillmaster’s arsenal: the spatula and tongs. With these two implements, you can grill just about anything to perfection; forget them and you’ll be like an explorer without a compass. Remember: never use a fork; piercing the meat releases the juices. 


  • Internet Kitchen Store (158 Eglinton Avenue West)
  • Sunnybrook Home Hardware (660 Eglinton Avenue East)
  • Homesense (957 Eglinton Avenue East)


The Healthy Butcher - Butcher cutting meat

The Healthy Butcher, located at 298 Eglinton Avenue West.

All the prep in the world can’t save you from lousy meat and limp veggies. Eglinton’s best food stores give you a varied selection of fresh meats and vegetables that will have your guests asking for seconds and thirds. 

The Healthy Butcher at Eglinton East and Avenue Road has a huge selection of high-quality organic meats, as well as vegetables, sauces and marinades to help you turn your Canada Day cookout into true feast. 

“When you buy good-quality meat, you don’t need anything to enhance the flavour – just some good sea salt and pepper,” says Tara Longo, owner of The Healthy Butcher. “We have a huge selection of certified organic, 100% grassfed beef, as well as organic chicken, pork, lamb and much more.”

And any proper party host would never dream of forgetting dessert. Keep it simple with ice cream and popsicles – classic treats for a summer night.

The Healthy Butcher - Produce Section

The Healthy Butcher - Sirloin Tip Steak

The Healthy Butcher offers a great selection of fresh meats and vegetables.


  • The Healthy Butcher (298 Eglinton Avenue West)
  • Ross’ No Frills (25 Photography Drive)
  • Nortown Foods (892 Eglinton Avenue West)
  • FreshCo (2330 Eglinton Avenue West)
  • Metro (656 Eglinton Avenue East)

Holiday Wardrobe

A Canada Day grillmaster should embrace some red and white to mark Canada’s big birthday. Canada-themed clothing and accessories will let your guests know how committed you are to the occasion. This year, Joe Fresh and Roots have a special selection of Canada 150 items, including hats, t-shirts and flip-flops. 


  • Roots (2670 Yonge Street)
  • Joe Fresh (1880 Eglinton Avenue East)