Moving Kodak Building 9 Back


Thirteen months after Kodak Building 9 was first moved, the time has come to move it back to its original location and secure it to a new foundation.

When putting together the original design of Mount Dennis Station, an interesting decision had to be made – what should be done withhistoric landmark?

Building 9 has long been a historic part of the Mount Dennis Community. Instead of demolishing the building, construction is currently ongoing to transform it into the tertiary entrance of Mount Dennis Station, and an important part of a future transit hub.

However, turning a decades-old structure into a modern transit station is no small engineering challenge. The original building foundation was not adequate to be expanded into a station concourse. Last August, we took on the enormous task of physically moved the building 200 feet north so the foundation could be remade to facilitate a transit station. See the video here.

The move back to its original spot is being done a little differently:

1. We slowly move the building down the tracks to its eventual resting point.

2. Steel boots are welded onto the original columns of the building.

3. The building is hoisted up 1.5 metres with hydraulic systems.

4. New steel columns, cross braces and concrete footings are installed.

5. We lower the building and secure it onto new supports.

6. We remove the temporary steel supports that were installed last year, prior to the original move.

“The Mount Dennis site consists mostly of sand.  The construction of the Mount Dennis Station Box would have been exceedingly difficult, if we had not moved former Kodak Building No. 9 from its original location” explains Wolf Schlesiger, Senior Construction Manager. “Temporarily moving the building out of the way was the safest and most expedient way to build the station.”

It will be well worth the effort though – to preserve an important piece of Mount Dennis heritage as a part of the area’s new future.

Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing photos of the activities as they unfold.