Text Summary: Keele Street to Jane Section and Black Creek Maintenance & Storage Facility Environmental Project Report Addendum Online Consultation


Since the approval of the Environmental Project Report (EPR) for The Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project by the Minister of the Environment in 2010, the Province of Ontario divided the project into two implementation phases in order to meet funding limitations. The two phases are:

  • Phase 1: Which covers the 19 kilometre section from Mt. Dennis neighbourhood to Kennedy Station which will be implemented immediately; and
  • Phase 2: Which covers the 14 kilometre section from Pearson International Airport to the Mt. Dennis neighbourhood which will be deferred until further notice.

This phasing has resulted in changes to the project in the section from Jane Street to the West Launch Site near Black Creek Drive. The purpose of the online consultation is to receive your input regarding the changes to the project and the proposed Black Creek Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF). 

Why is an Addendum to the EPR Required?

The approved 2010 EPR included a street-level LRT alignment within the centre of Eglinton Avenue between Jane Street to east of Black Creek Drive, with surface stops at Jane Street, Weston Road and Black Creek Drive. As noted earlier, the MSF was not assessed at that time. The recent changes to the project between Jane Street and the West Launch Site near Black Creek Drive include:

  • An off-street (elevated) route north of Eglinton Avenue with a bridge over Black Creek Drive to avoid traffic interference with LRT vehicles accessing the MSF;
  • An underground Mt. Dennis Station under the railway corridor, along with direct passenger connection to future GO rail station and Passenger Pick up and Drop off;
  • A 15-bay bus terminal to provide passenger transfers between TTC buses, LRT and GO rail;
  • An underground alignment from the Mt. Dennis Station to the Eglinton Flats area with a transition to surface LRT just east of Jane Street and a surface stop on the west side of Jane Street; and
  • The previously proposed Black Creek Stop is now removed due to technical constraints.

An Addendum to the EPR is required to assess these changes and to assess the effects of the Black Creek MSF.

The below image illustrates the study areas for EPR Addendum:

Image illustrates the study areas for EPR Addendum

New Proposed Plan/Profile

The proposed plan/profile includes an off street LRT alignment north of Eglinton Avenue with an underground stop at Mt. Dennis, underground alignment west of Mt. Dennis and a surface stop at Jane Street.

View the 2012 New Proposed Plan/Profile.

Jane Street/Eglinton Flats

Jane Street/Eglinton Flats proposal

Key Project Elements:

  • Jane Stop is maintained;
  • U-Turns on Eglinton Avenue are retained; and
  • Transition from surface to underground LRT portal located east of Jane Street.

Mount Dennis Neighbourhood

Proposed Mount Dennis Neighbourhood

Key Project Elements:

  • Underground alignment between portal and Mt. Dennis Station using cut and cover construction, road widening is no longer required;
  • Properties along north side of Eglinton Avenue, west of Weston Road are no longer required;
  • Limit of Phase 1 implementation is Weston Road; and
  • Weston Road stop has been shifted east.

Weston Road to Black Creek Drive

Proposal for Weston Road to Black Creek Drive

Key Project Elements:

  • Underground Mt. Dennis Station using cut and cover construction;
  • Property required from Bank of Nova Scotia, Daycare and Keelsdale Drive;
  • Pedestrian connections for future GO rail station;
  • Passenger Pick Up and Drop Off (PPUDO);
  • 15 bay bus terminal with new bus only signalized intersection on Eglinton Avenue;
  • Kodak Building to be retained; and
  • Elevated LRT structure over Black Creek Drive.

Black Creek Drive to West Launch Shaft

Proposal for the Black Creek Drive to West Launch Shaft

Key Project Elements:

  • Elevated LRT structure over Black Creek Drive and Black Creek;
  • Eglinton Avenue relocated to the south, east of Black Creek Drive;
  • LRT ties into underground alignment at West Launch Shaft;
  • Black Creek Stop has been removed; and
  • Property is required along the north side of Eglinton Avenue, east of Black Creek Drive for elevated structure.

Mount Dennis Station

Proposal for the Mount Dennis Station

Artistic Rendering of Mt. Dennis Station:

Artistic Rendering of Mt. Dennis Station

Maintenance and Storage Facility

Proposal for the Maintenance and Storage Facility

Key Project Elements:

  • Ultimate storage yard capacity of 162 vehicles;
  • Facilities for Maintenance of vehicles;
  • Office facilities and employee parking; and
  • Facilities for Maintenance of Way vehicles and staff.

Commitments to Future Work

Metrolinx is proceeding with the delivery of the Eglinton LRT through Public Private Partnership and Alternative Financing & Procurement (AFP). Through this process Metrolinx is committed to:

  • Continuing Public Consultation: Consult with the public, property owners and stakeholder agencies during the design of the LRT alignment, stops/ stations, bus terminals and ancillary facilities.
  • Incorporate City of Toronto urban design criteria into the design of the LRT facilities.
  • Construction Issues Mitigation: Conduct further research, analysis and develop plans including :
    • Noise, vibration and air emissions monitoring and mitigation
    • Traffic, transit and pedestrian management strategies
    • Utility and municipal services relocation plans
    • Emergency response plans (Fire, Police and Emergency Medical Services)
    • Vegetation restoration, edge management and streetscape plans
    • Soil and groundwater management strategy
    • Erosion and sedimentation control plan

The below image illustrates where we are in the consultation process:

Image showing Environmental Assessment consultation process for The Crosstown