Pulling back the curtain on the MSF


One of the most significant components of the future Mount Dennis Station will be the adjacent Eglinton Maintenance & Storage Facility (EMSF) on the site of the former Kodak lands.

You have already heard about what the final site will look like, but where are we on that journey to completion? The foundations for the future Vehicle Cleaning & Inspection facility (VCIF), Vehicle Cleaning Staff building, Operations Company (OPSCO) and the Maintenance building are complete. Driving along Industry Street, you can see the large steel structures that have been erected, and cladding is being installed on the outside of each of the buildings.


What you can’t see is the start of construction of the yard bridge that is coming along at the west side of the site closest to the CN/CP Rail corridor. This bridge will run above the tracks and be used for staff and maintenance vehicles to access the MSF site.  

Installing Roof Panels on VCIFVCIF at the EMSF

“The work taking place at the EMSF site is similar to conducting a symphony. All the crews on site need to work in unison to ensure that we work effectively and safely together,” said Andrew Beadnell, EMSF project managerfor Crosslinx Transit Solutions. “You don’t get a real appreciation for the scope of this project and all of the moving parts until you see it up close.” 

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