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What should I expect during construction? 

It is not possible to expand transit along Eglinton Avenue without construction impacts, particularly during the station construction phase, happening from 2017 to 2022. We understand that sometimes people feel inconvenienced by these impacts, and we work to reduce them as much as possible, and ensure communities are given advanced notice. 

Construction updates and notices are posted on this website regularly, to ensure quick and easy access to information about current and upcoming periods of construction along the Crosstown corridor.  

Getting around during construction

During construction, your usual routes may not get you to your destination as quickly as you're used to. Here are some tips for getting around during construction.

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Try cycling

Did you know that a 2km trip will take the average person only 10 minutes by bike? It’s also far cheaper than paying for parking.

CHECK CYCLING ROUTES: Where possible, cyclists should consider designated cycle routes and stay informed about construction updates

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Try walking

A 2km trip will take the average person 20 minutes to walk, and can burn more than 100 calories for a short trip. Consider walking for some or your entire trip.

CHECK WALKING ROUTES: some sidewalks may have pedestrian detours

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Try public transit

Use Triplinx to plan your transit trip

CHECK TRANSIT ROUTES: Check here to see if your bus stop has moved and/or if your bus route has changed.

Download the aCrosstown app from Google Play or the Apple App Store or BlackberryWorld to stay up-to-date with the real-time transit information

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Parking along Eglinton has never been so convenient. Cick here to see where parking spaces are available on Eglinton. You can receive up to $6.00 off you next parking session by downloading the Green P App. Click here to learn more.  

Travel outside of the peak times to avoid the rush

Try carpooling: Use the Smart Commute tool to explore your travel options and match your trip with others.


Download the aCrosstown app from Google Play or the Apple App Store or BlackberryWorld to stay up-to-date with the real-time traffic information

For business owners

Smart Commute is a program of Metrolinx and the municipalities in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. We help anyone who is going from A To B explore and try out smart travel options such as walking, cycling, transit and carpooling. Our goal is to ease gridlock while helping you save time and money. To learn more about Smart Commute Toronto, click here or contact

Lauren Bates Adrienne Boyd
LBates@SmartCommuteNTV.ca                    Adrienne.Boyd@SmartCommute.ca
647-500-9191 289-937-6503

What can you do?

  • Notify your staff, customers and visitors about new travel options. 
  • Adjust delivery schedules outside of peak travel periods to avoid delays. 
  • Download the Business Guide for planning tips that support your operations. 

School travel

Metrolinx has partnered with Green Communities Canada to support schools located on and near to Eglinton Avenue. For further information and resources available in the area, please download our guide for active and sustainable school transportation in the Eglinton Crosstown area.