Kennedy Station


Kennedy Station will be the terminal station at the eastern end of the LRT line, and will also serve as an interchange station since it connects directly with the TTC Bloor-Danforth subway line. It is located at Transway Crescent and Eglinton Avenue East, approximately 300 metres east of Kennedy Road. Kennedy Station is yet another station along the LRT line that will serve as a Mobility Hub. 

The station will include connections to: 

  • the GO Transit Stouffville Line, 
  • the TTC Scarborough RT, 
  • the TTC Bloor-Danforth subway, and 
  • a TTC bus terminal. 

The four existing TTC commuter parking lots will be reconfigured, the existing TTC PPUDO will remain, and a GO Transit PPUDO will be added. 

At this location, there will be four entrances – the most of all the stations along the LRT line. 

The main entrance will be located at the southwest corner of Eglinton Avenue and Transway Crescent. The secondary entrance will be Integrated with the new GO Transit ticketing building. The third will be at the existing TTC south entrance, while the fourth will be the existing GO Transit south entrance. All the entrances will be accessible. 

There will be station plazas outside all but the fourth station entrance. Retail spaces will be located on the concourse level, within both the fare-paid and non-fare paid zones.

There will be 40 outdoor and 80 indoor bicycle parking spaces.

Fun Fact:

  • Kennedy is getting many new station infrastructure elements!  They are:
    •  an underground LRT station;
    • a GO ticketing building;
    • a new GO Transit passenger pick-up and drop-off; and
    • a new west rail platform at the GO Station.

Download the Kennedy Station fact sheet. 

Disclaimer: These renderings represent station design at a level of 90 per cent. As such, renderings are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change.

Last updated: May 9, 2018